QR CODE (high resolution 300 dpi +)

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Getting Started


Add this snippet to where the QR code should show up: (Please dont forget the php tags)

 * Add those two lines of code to create a customized QR code. 
 * returns a graphic | with a default design | 300 dpi | PNG format.
$QRcode = (new SoapClient('http://wsdl.qr-bot.de/',
                           array('local_cert' => "cert_key.pem",
                                 'encoding' => 'UTF-8')))->url('http://www.myurl.com',

/* Add this to display the QR code in the browser */
echo "";

Copy the cert on the server running the PHP code. Same folder as PHP script.

Save image

 * Add this to save the QR code image
$fp = fopen("/tmp/qrcode.png", "wb");
fwrite($fp, base64_decode("$QRcode"));